A long long time ago… probably 2016. The idea for a game where players can jump in and learn to create anything that they can imagine is born, and thus - The Endless Mission.

May 30, 2017

Proof of concept is completed and it works! Onward!

June 2017 - March 2018


March - Aril 2018

The Endless Mission is announced!

Roadtrip! We bring The Endless Mission to PAX East in Boston and EGX Rezzed in London. Side effect: we got to hangout and high-five a lot of you! Also places like GamesRadar began saying some really nice things about us: “The Endless Mission is just how you imagined game development as a kid” — GamesRadar

May - August 2018

Probably a lot of coding, and testing, and arting and game dev, and fancy things done with computers. Look, we’re just the marketing folks, they don’t really tell us much, but it’s cool – we love them anyway.

Early September 2018

PAX West! We’re inviting anyone coming to PAX West to come visit The Endless Mission booth and make a unique game using The Endless Mission. That’s right, PAX makes a game! We’ll start a new one each morning of the show and then people can drop by and keep adding to and changing the game that is being made by everyone. That game will ten be featured in the…wait for it…


Shortly after PAX we’re going to launch The Endless Mission’s beta. Players will have a chance to play the game, some community created games, and the games that were developed by PAX.

Late October 2018

Early Access launch on Steam

Like what you’v been playing in beta? Want to see more and more released content like a soccer game, RPG elements, and other super-secret amazing ideas? Toss us a few bucks and buy the game so we can keep making awesomeness together with you all – the community who has actually read this far into the website.

November 2018 and Beyond

“Insert hopes and dreams here.” – Brenden Sewell, Creative Director for The Endless Mission

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