The Endless Mission is a community-driven creation sandbox game where you can play, hack, and create within a world…within a world…within a world, eventually making and sharing your own games…with the world. You heard it in the iconic trailer voice, right? It’s ok to admit it.

Play Anything

Play through an ever-expanding collection of video game genres as an unfolding adventure pulls back the curtain on a larger world than you can imagine and what goes on behind the scenes in your favorite games.

Hack Everything

Build it better, faster, stronger - all with a simple slide or click. Modify game elements ranging from speed and health to enemy awareness in real-time just by making use of The Endless Mission’s integrated hacking mechanic, called Lenses. Answer the question of what happens when you take the avatar from a platformer and drop her into the middle of an RTS or what could possibly go wrong if you remove gravity altogether.

Create Something

Super phenomenal nearly cosmic power! The toolset for The Endless Mission gives you the opportunity to manipulate levels and assets to create whatever it is you can imagine. Hacking, modifying, and creating games...while you play the games! Minds? Blown.

Share Everywhere

Make something awesome and upload it to our content portal so that your friends and people around the world have the chance to play what you’ve made! You could even be featured in our Hall of Celebrations when you become a part of our community and play games the likes of which the world has never imagined.

And Adventure!

Did we mention there's an epic story too? You'll go behind the scenes where not everything is as it seems.

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There have been a lot of games that give players the tools to create their own experience, but none like E-Line Media’s 'The Endless Mission.

Peter Clark, Variety