How To Make a Mashup In The Endless Mission>>July 5, 2018

When it comes to creating games in The Endless Mission, we’re believers in not requiring you to start with a blank canvas since some of the best ideas come from building off existing ones.  Using the Conjuring Tool, you can grab an Avatar, Gameplay and Scene from our genre gate games and can whip up a mashup in 60 seconds or less. Here’s a short video that shows the entire process:

For Early Access, we will have three core genres available: Platformer, Kart Racer, and Real-Time Strategy. Each of these genres has an Avatar, Gameplay and Scene. This means there are 27 possible combinations so far. Three are genre gate games and 24 are mashups. But it doesn’t end there – once you’ve conjured a mashup, you’ll be able to mod and script your way into your very own, unique games and experiences. More on that soon!


Curious to see all of the combinations that are on the table? Starting tomorrow, we’re going to be highlighting one mashup per day for the next 24 days. Follow and join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram using #24Mashups24Days.